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How to Use a CBD Oil Dropper

by Brave Jhon
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How to Use a CBD Oil Dropper

Determining the Correct Dose


1. Divide the amount of CBD by the size of the package to find the concentration.

Look for the total amount of CBD on the oil’s package listed in milligrams. Then look for the size of the container, which is usually near the bottom of the package and listed in milliliters. Set up your equation and use a calculator to find out how many milligrams are in a milliliter dose of the oil.
  • If you need to acquire CBD oil with a dropper bottle, you can find options online here.
  • For example, if you have a 30-milliliter bottle of oil that contains 750 mg of CBD, your equation would be 750/30 = 25 milligrams of CBD per 1-milliliter serving.
  • Some CBD oils will list the amount of CBD per serving on the bottle as well.

2. Take the lowest dose of CBD oil recommended by the manufacturer.

There’s no standardized dose for CBD oil, so figuring out the right dose can take a little trial and error. Start by reading the label to see how much they recommend that you take, and take the smallest dose. Then, gradually increase that amount until you find the dose that’s effective for you.

Warning: If you take more than the recommended upper limit, it may make side effects of nausea, drowsiness, or fatigue more prominent.

3. Keep a log of how dosages affect you to find out what works best.

CBD oil affects each person differently, so while a low dose may work for you, another person may need a higher dose to feel the same effects. Keep track of the size of your dose, how you felt after taking it, and any side effects you felt. As you try different dosages, make note of which ones make you feel the best so you can keep taking the same amount.
  • The amount of CBD oil you need may change as you get older since your body processes it differently as you age.

Taking the CBD Oil


1. Take the dropper out and squeeze the bulb.

Unscrew the dropper cap from the bottle and remove it from the CBD oil. Keep the dropper above the surface of the oil and pinch the rubber bulb between your fingers. Any oil or air left inside the dropper will come out from the end so it’s completely empty.
  • You can buy CBD oil at health food stores and online. Be sure to research the product you’re using to ensure it’s safe ad comes from a reputable company.
  • Don’t squeeze the bulb while the dropper is still submerged since you’ll get air bubbles inside and the dosage may be inaccurate.

2. Submerge the end of the dropper in the CBD oil.

Keep pinching the bulb as you put the end of the dropper back in the oil. Make sure to submerge the entire tip of the dropper so you don’t get air inside of it. Avoid touching the bottom of the bottle with the dropper since it may not pull the oil as efficiently.

3. Release the bulb to draw the oil into the dropper.

While the end of the dropper submerged, let go of the rubber bulb. The pressure change from inside the dropper will pull the CBD oil into the dropper barrel and fill it. Pull the dropper out of the oil once the bulb returns to its original shape to ensure that you don’t get air inside of it.
  • Most CBD oil droppers fill up to 1 mL, but it may vary depending on the brand. Make sure to check the package’s instructions so you know the correct dosage.

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