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How to Get CBD Edibles

by Brave Jhon
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How to Get CBD Edibles

Choosing a Quality Product


1. Select a CBD-infused edible for the most discrete option.

There are many types of food you can buy that are infused with CBD, so pick something that you enjoy eating. If you have a sweet tooth, try using CBD cookies, brownies, or chocolates. For something fruity, try gummies, drink mixes, or hard candies. If you want to use CBD for more savory flavors, opt for infused peanut butter or honey to use in your recipes.
  • CBD naturally has a slightly earthy or herby flavor, but many products try to mask it with sugar and other natural ingredients.
  • While you can split up doses of edibles, the actual size of the doses may vary from batch to batch.

2. Pick an oil tincture if you want to add CBD to your own food.

CBD oil tinctures are flavorless and come with droppers so you can easily mix it into foods or drinks. Choosing a tincture also allows you to control the size of your doses more accurately so you can use as much or as little as you want each time.
  • You can also buy flavored tinctures if you want.

3. Check the product label to find the CBD concentration. 

The product will either list the total amount of CBD in the package or it will specify by serving size. Pay attention to the size of 1 dose so you know how strong the CBD will be. Aim to take 1–6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of bodyweight when you first begin taking it so you can get used to the effects.
  • For example, if you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg), divide it by 10 so 150/10=15. The low end of the CBD to take is 15 x 1 = 15 mg, while the high end of the range is 15 x 6 = 90 mg.
  • If you don’t see the concentration information listed anywhere, avoid taking the CBD edible since it may have too much or too little of a concentration to work.
  • Many CBD edibles range from 10–20 mg per dose, but it may vary.

4. See if the CBD was extracted with CO2.

Some CBD manufacturers use toxic chemicals like butane, which can contaminate the purity and make it harmful to consume. Search on the label or on the brand’s website for a CO2 extraction process since its the cleanest method to use. If you don’t see an extraction process listed or it says something other than CO2, then it may not be safe to consume.

Tip: Some manufacturers have a toll-free number that you can call with questions if you aren’t able to find the extraction method listed anywhere else.

5. Look for CBD products that have been tested by a third-party lab.

CBD manufacturers have their CBD tested for purity and concentration so users know that it’s safe to consume. Check the package or website for a seal that states they’ve been tested by a third-party lab. If you don’t see a seal, check for a batch number on the bottom or side of the product. Look up the batch number and the product to pull up lab reports to see the information on the CBD.
  • Don’t get CBD edibles if they haven’t been tested by a third-party lab since they may not be safe.

Finding a CBD Seller

1. Go to a CBD specialty store or dispensary if you want the edibles right away.

Check online to see if there are any stores in your area that sell CBD products. Check the store’s website to find out what brands they carry or where they source their products from so you can tell if they’re reputable. If you live in an area that has legalized marijuana, then you can also find CBD edibles in many dispensaries as well. Call ahead and ask what they have available so you know your options.
  • Many areas require you to be above 18 or 21 in order to enter a dispensary.

2. Use a cannabis delivery service for a convenient alternative.

If you live in an area where marijuana is legal, check online to see if there are any delivery services that specialize in CBD or cannabis products. Browse through the selection on the delivery site and add the edibles you want into your cart. When you place your order, a driver will bring the CBD edibles right to your door.
  • There may not be a cannabis delivery service in your area.
  • You need to be older than 21 and have a valid ID to use a cannabis delivery service.
  • Don’t forget to tip the delivery driver when you receive your order.

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