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How to Entertain

by Brave Jhon
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How to Entertain 2

Getting Set Up

1. Organize the space for a party.

Start by getting the area organized for a party. You’ll probably want to rearrange the furniture to allow for the most amount of space and to ensure that people can sit and stand in such a way that’s it’s easy to talk to each other. You also might want to consider having a quiet conversation area that’s slightly away from everything else, so that people that need a moment of quiet time can get it.
  • Try to split large areas into smaller sections, to facilitate the small conversation groups that normally form at gatherings.
  • If the space is small, move as much of the furniture as you can to the outer edge, or place some excess furniture in another room that will not be used, in order to create more space.

2. Clean up around the entertaining area.

Once you’ve arranged the space to look how you want, start cleaning up. You’ll want to make a good impression on your guests. What needs to be cleaned will depend on where you’re entertaining but some good places to start include:
  • Taking out trash and any other pungent items
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning glass and windows
  • Picking up clutter
  • Thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

3. Remember all the east-to-forget places.

There are lots of places that we often forget to clean and a party is a perfect excuse to make sure that those spots aren’t neglected. Try to be thorough when you clean, picking up items that you usually leave alone and being sure to get all the spaces that were covered by the furniture you remove.
  • For example, many people forget to clean under the toilet seat for a party. Female guests might not notice, but male guests can’t miss a bunch of caked on gunk!
  • Another neglected spot is your front yard. This is where guests will get their first impression, so you’ll want to be sure it looks nice, clean, and organized.
  • Don’t forget the inside of the fridge, either. People will be opening it looking for drinks and they don’t want to see dried meat juice from those steaks caked to the shelf.

4. Remove any items that you don’t want around guests.

Once everything is clean, you might want to make a mental checklist and decide if any items need to be removed from the area. There are lots of items that you might not want around your guests for many different reasons. This includes breakables, valuables, and items that might be sensitive. Store these items away until you are done entertaining.
  • For example, your great grandfather’s pocket watch might be in a case in your living room. If you don’t know the people that are coming over, it might be a good idea to put it somewhere less obvious.

5. Put out some decorations.

With a solid base for your party environment, you’ll want to put on some finishing touches to really wow your guests. This is where decorations can be really helpful. You’re probably used to ribbons for birthdays and spider webs for Halloween, but don’t feel like that’s all you can do for decorations. There are lots of options to choose from.
  • For example, let’s say that you’re having a going away party for a friend. Theme the decorations to the place where they will be going so that they know you’ll all be with them there in spirit.

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